We Need Your Help

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Last week I shared Francisco’s story. Six months ago, Francisco, a teenager who recently moved to our community from Oaxaca to work, was involved in an accident that left most of his body severely burned. No family would claim him, so he was left alone in a hospital room, totally isolated and suffering from extreme pain. Two weeks ago, a nurse contacted Eternal Anchor to see if we could help. We found Francisco in horrendous conditions: severely contractured, with three pressure sores, burns that are dirty and infected, being denied pain medication, and very malnourished. He also has mental health challenges, likely triggered by the trauma he has experienced.

We immediately worked with local doctors to apply for a medical visa to get him to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sacramento. We were relieved when he was approved, but ran into complications when the family refused to send someone to accompany Francisco, a prerequisite Shriners asks of all patients. We were able to connect with the family and they’ve voluntarily signed over guardianship of Francisco to our children’s home. Our hope was then to send a staff member to accompany him at Shriners.

We just found out that Shriners Sacramento has rescinded their offer to accept Francisco in their burn unit. We haven’t been given an explanation and we’re back to square one for getting Francisco the help he needs to survive and rehabilitate.

Two days ago, one of his pressure sores became necrotic and his health took a turn for the worse. The inadequate care he has been receiving is the best the government will offer Francisco, so Eternal Anchor has taken on the responsibility of his medical care. Thanks to a very generous donation, we were able to transfer Francisco to a private hospital in Ensenada to receive life-saving care. We have enough money to cover two weeks in this hospital while we seek another solution.

We are the only ones fighting for his life. He has been abandoned by his family, rejected and failed by the medical system. Now he’s been denied a chance to heal because of the local doctors’ negligent decision to not transfer him to Shriners six months ago when he first suffered the accident. Now we need help to keep him alive and to provide him the care he needs and deserves.

We need about $5,000 to cover at least another two weeks in the private hospital (this covers surgeries, medications, food, and a full-time nursing care). We also need help to find a hospital in the U.S. that is willing to provide skin graft procedures so Francisco’s wounds can heal and so that he can walk again. Please help us fight for Francisco’s survival.

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