We Have A Teenager!

It’s official: We have a teenager in the house! Yesterday we celebrated Angel’s 13th birthday. We praise God for the life of this precious boy. 

After two months of fundraising, we have raised $9,400 of the $30,000 we need for a new school building! We praise God for the money that has come in and we ask for your continued prayers as we work to raise the rest. Please consider donating to this amazing project. The impact this will have on our community will be profound. Not only will we be able to better care for the children in our school but we will also be able to increase the capacity and take in more children on our waitlist. Click HERE to donate.

This week, we held a training for the families of the children that come to our school. The turnout was incredible. Because we invited families that have children on our waitlist, we actually had more families at the training than we have children in the program! We used the time to encourage parents and to share with them ideas for working with their children at home. 

  • We are quickly approaching the season of visiting groups. We are excited for our partners to come down and join us as we serve our community. There is still space for groups to come and volunteer with us. We have ongoing construction projects and we’re always happy to have extra help with the children at our school. If you’re interested in coming for a week or two, contact us soon to secure the dates. 
  • Please pray for the health of our staff and children. We’ve been dealing with some pretty nasty cold and flu bugs at the home and school.
  • Deborah and Austin will be going to the United States and Canada to speak at churches and share what God is doing at Eternal Anchor. If you’d like either of them to visit your church, school, or small group this year, please email us. 

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