Shortly after starting Eternal Anchor, God opened the door for us to visit various families in the community that have children with special needs. Within a short time, it became clear that while a home for some of these children is needed, facilitating community among these families and providing them with support and resources could be even more valuable in terms of changing the way these children are viewed within their own families and the community at large. There is a great deal of shame and isolation that many of these families experience. We met many parents who were loving their children and providing for them with what resources they had. However, without government programs to assist families with education and without access to regular physical therapy, the majority of the families felt incapable of helping their children.

In February of 2015, we started our school. In the beginning, we met in a small Sunday school room that was lent to us by a local church and we helped 3 children. In April 2015, we moved our program to a larger building and the school quickly grew. Our reputation began to grow across the region and we started receiving phone calls, visits from parents, and referrals from local hospitals. Today we have more than 40 children coming each day and our waitlist continues to grow.

At the school, the children have the opportunity to learn life skills, receive physical and speech therapy, and socialize with their friends. Our desire is to spread hope through our work with these special children.

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