Eternal Anchor was founded to meet a great need in the San Quintin Valley. South of San Vicente, there are no homes for children that have special needs. As a result, Mexican authorities are often hesitant to remove children with special needs from situations where the child’s health or safety is at risk because they have nowhere to place them.

Jesús, an 8-year-old boy born with epilepsy and developmental delays, was abandoned by his mother. His father, who is also developmentally delayed, was left with two children and the responsibility of working full time to provide for them. Jesús requires medication five times a day to control his epilepsy, but because his father worked in the fields, Jesús was left at home with his 11-year-old brother who was unable to give him the medication. As a result, Jesús would have multiple life-threatening seizures each month that left him hospitalized for days. Desperate, his father reached out to child protective services to help, but was denied assistance. He tried admitting Jesús in a local orphanage but was denied help there as well.

In December of 2014, after a lot of prayer, Eternal Anchor was born out of a calling to help Jesús. The inspiration came from one boy, but the vision is to provide a safe, loving home for dozens of children with special needs; children who have been orphaned, who require special medical attention that their family is incapable of providing, or who have been taken from situations of abuse or neglect.

Currently, we provide a home for 4 beautiful children with special needs in Vicente Guerrero. Our plan is to open a home or several homes, enabling us to house at least 35 children with special needs. Our desire is to create homes, not institutions. Every child deserves to have the stability of a family and it is our passion to facilitate that.

Most of the children that we will take in to the homes will never leave. The majority will always be dependent on adult supervision. As a result, our plan for the future is to open a home for adults with special needs. This will enable us to continue to accept children into the orphanage, while also providing lifelong care to those who need it.

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  • Mel Nason

    says on:
    December 8, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    I attended Northwest University in the early 1970’s, and read the article in Northwest Passages about Austin Robinson being honored as Young Alumnus of the Year… Congratulations!

    I plan to be on a mission trip to FFHM in Vicente Guerrero the last week of January, 2019. (This will be my sixth trip there in the past six years).

    If possible, I’d like to meet you and learn more about your ministry while I am in the area.

    Please send me your contact information, so I can call you the last week of January.

    Thank you,
    Mel Nason

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