New Hairdos

We are so grateful for our friend, Isaac Mendoza, who has generously offered to cut the hair of all the children at our community center. He is so great with the children and they were so happy about their new haircuts. Thank you, Isaac!

Berenice Sanchez is one of the teachers at our community center. Her students love her so much and she is doing a fantastic job teaching them everyday. She is in charge of our students who are learning how to read and write.

Patty and Marilyn are doing an awesome job with our two blind students, Mirrain and Sabino. We are so grateful for these ladies and all of their hard work each week.

  • Tomorrow we will be receiving a 15-year-old girl with cerebral palsy at our home. She recently underwent surgery at a local hospital to close a pressure sore. She will be with us for a few weeks while we provide postoperative care. Please pray for her speedy recovery and for strength and wisdom for our staff and volunteers who will be taking care of her around the clock.
  • Please pray for the right piece of land for Eternal Anchor to build a home. Also pray for the funds to pay for the land and the construction of two homes to house up to 10 children with special needs.
  • Please continue to join with us in prayer for individuals, schools, churches, and businesses to join Eternal Anchor’s financial support team. As our waiting list continues to grow, we hope and pray for more sponsors that can provide money for gasoline to pick children up who live in more isolated communities. The picture below is of Adrian. He is 9-years-old and has cerebral palsy. Currently he isn’t receiving any physical therapy. He stays at home all day with his brother while his parents work in the fields. With your help, we can pick Adrian up everyday and begin working with him and his family on a regular basis.

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