An MRI for Jesús

Even though the government funding for Jesus’ MRI fell through, we are still able to reapply for the assistance. Between the donations we have received already for the MRI, and the government support, we are hoping that Jesus will finally get the MRI done in the next month.

We are so blessed to have Ruth Aviña helping out in the daycare everyday. She has taken on academics and is a great teacher for our higher functioning students. Thank you so much, Ruth!

Staff member, Jordan Carlson, did a wonderful job with the latest video overview of Eternal Anchor.  Take a look and see what we are up to!

  • Please continue to pray for Deborah as she continues to speak with churches, individuals, and small groups in Washington state to promote Eternal Anchor.
  • Please pray the God provide a bus or a van with a lift so that we can pick up more children for daycare.
  • Please pray that God provide long term staff members who can join Eternal Anchor’s team in serving our community’s children with special needs.

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