We love being able to take in more children from our long waitlist. Because we've been blessed with more monthly sponsors, we've been able to hire more teachers and accept more children into our school. This is Hector. He is 4 years old and is deaf. He's making a lot of progress with his teachers and is loving his new school. Our sponsorship program provides critical funding to hire staff, pay for gasoline to pick up the students, and cover all the other operating costs. Please join us in prayer for more sponsors. For more information on how to become a sponsor, click HERE or email us at sponsor@eternalanchor.org.

An important component of our ministry is showing our community that children with special needs have value. This week we partnered with a local elementary school to teach children about special education. After talking with our school director, their whole school came to visit us during recess to play with our students. It was incredible to see these children stepping out of their comfort zones to engage with our students. We believe that these interactions will have a profound impact on changing the stigma towards people with disabilities in our community.

Last week, Eternal Anchor's board of directors came to work alongside the staff, train, encourage, and talk about how we can continue to strive for excellence as an organization. We thank God for the incredible team He has put together to make Eternal Anchor the amazing place it is today.

  • We are excited for the churches and small groups that are making the decision to partner with Eternal Anchor. Please pray for more partners as we expand to help more families.
  • Please pray for the health and energy of our staff and students. 
  • Please pray that more full-time volunteers from the U.S. and Canada come and serve alongside our local staff. For more information about volunteering, click HERE.

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