Matching Grant Activated

We are so grateful for Linda and Mirriam, the Bible school students who did their community service time with Eternal Anchor. They did a great job establishing our weekend adult program. It’s amazing to see how much it has grown in the past few months and we’re excited to see it continue to grow and provide a place for adults with special needs to receive physical therapy and life skills training.

With the help and generosity of our partners, we have raised $5,000 and activated the $5K Matching Grant to apply to our home build! Last week, our friends from New Creation Vineyard Church came and helped with construction. Because of their hard work, we were able to pour the floor and stucco the interior perimeter walls. It’s so encouraging to see how fast things are progressing. Soon, this will be a home for six special boys.

We have been really blessed with two large donations of school supplies, therapy equipment, and academic materials for our community center. Thank you Suwon, South Korea Home Church and New Creation Vineyard Church for all of the supplies. All the children at our community center have been thoroughly enjoying everything that was sent. If you’d like to donate items from our wish list, please click HERE. And don’t forget that you can support Eternal Anchor through’s smile program.

  • Please continue to pray for the building project of our home. We are trusting God to provide the money to finish one home and one apartment by the end of this summer. When the first home is finished, we will be able to take in 3 more boys with special needs who need a loving home. If you’d like to donate to the build, click here.
  • Please pray for more long-term volunteers to come and serve at Eternal Anchor. If you are interested in coming to Mexico to serve full-time, please email for more information.
  • Pray for good health and energy for all of the children and staff at Eternal Anchor.

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