Love Extended 2021

Our seventh annual Love Extended campaign was a huge success! This year, medical and education specialists from the United States partnered with our local staff to host trainings, build and distribute mobility and adaptive equipment, and create training manuals to facilitate long-term professional development. Every year, we experience incredible joy as we collaborate with local families and help them eliminate physical and educational barriers so they can thrive in their communities. In this picture, Jesús is experiencing for the first time what it’s like to move around the room independently. It’s amazing the equipment that can be built using PVC piping and recycled tires! 
The adults from our education program enjoyed a well-deserved beach day. They had a blast playing games, sharing a meal, and enjoying each other’s company. In a region where community accessibility is limited to individuals with disabilities, it’s a pleasure and honor to facilitate this much-needed recreational time for our students.
We want to thank everyone who prayed and donated towards Josue’s medical expenses. Our boy is a fighter and after a long stay at the hospital in Ensenada, we are so glad to have him back home. He is doing so well and regaining strength and energy every day. He’s just about ready to head back to school again! 
  • Please pray for more regular monthly donations to cover operating expenses. If you’re able to give monthly, you can click on one of the donate links below to sign up. All donations are tax-deductible and help us operate a loving home, special education school, adult life skills program, horse therapy center, adaptive equipment workshop, and social work program.
  • We’ve been having issues with some of the vehicles we use for our social work program. If you or someone you know is willing to help us by donating a 4×4 vehicle so our staff can conduct their regular home visits, please let us know. 
  • Please pray for funding for our school build. We are raising money for a building that will give us the capacity to double in size and offer quality specialized education to even more children (to donate to the school build, click HERE). 

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