Love Extended 2015

We are thanking God that our week of therapy was a huge success! Physical therapists Jeanne Conca and Cheri Wieland partnered with Eternal Anchor staff to help families of children and adults with special needs. We were able to share chairs, walkers, mats, and so much therapy equipment with the families in our community. More than 35 children and adults with special needs were visited and the love of God was spread through our community.

Thank you all so much for your prayers as we crossed the border with two large loads of therapy equipment and our new bus. Everything donated was able to be crossed and money was donated to pay the import tax. God is so good!

We are so grateful to Bill and Sherry Owen who donated a brand new computer to Eternal Anchor. What an amazing blessing! Thank you so much, Bill and Sherry!

  • This upcoming week we have a two physical therapists coming to Eternal Anchor. They will work with the children at our home, daycare, and adults and children in the community. They will also hold a training to people from all around the valley who are interested in learning basic physical therapy techniques. Please pray for a productive week where we can show God’s love by meeting such a great need. Also pray for energy for the therapists, drivers, and translators.
  • During this next week, we will be crossing a truck, trailer, and bus full of donations. Therapy equipment will be arriving from Washington and Sacramento from a number of generous individuals. Please pray that we are able to cross everything with no problems and that we find enough space to store things until we have our own facility.
  • Please pray for health and energy for our staff members. It has been a very busy month and we have a few very busy weeks ahead of us.


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