As we wrap up our summer, we have much to be grateful for. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child; well, we have a pretty incredible village! Eternal Anchor's community of local families, staff, and volunteers is loving and educating more than 100 individuals with special needs each week. Thank you for being part of our community by staying in touch, praying, and supporting us!

Each year, visiting teams from across North America come to serve alongside our staff. We are so grateful for their sacrifice of time and money to come and learn about what we do, encourage our staff, volunteer in our school and help with projects. It's amazing to watch our network of advocates grow as more and more people come and witness the incredible work being done. We are now planning the next school year and we'd love for you to come and join us in Mexico! If you'd like to come and bring a team down, please let us know ASAP so we can put you on the calendar. Click HERE to check available weeks.

Our Ian is growing up! He's been with us for almost two years now and we've had the privilege of working with his family to offer him early intervention and physical therapy. He's now ready for preschool and we want to make sure he gets the education and social development opportunities he needs and deserves. A lot of preschools are not wheelchair accessible, but we found a local Montessori that is willing to add ramps and make sure everything is accessible for Ian. The annual tuition (including transportation) is $1,700. Please consider helping us send Ian to school by contributing to his tuition. To help, click HERE and write "Ian's School" in the memo box.

  • Please pray for rest for our staff, children, and students as we take our summer break.
  • Please pray for funding for our school build. We are raising money for a building that will give us the capacity to almost double in size and offer quality specialized education to even more children.
  • Please pray for new houseparents for our residential program. We are looking for a couple to take over one of the homes and offer loving, full-time care to six children.

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