Hope Manifest as Change

I understand why there are so few people working full time in the social justice sector. The physical, emotional and spiritual tolls they take are enough to make anyone crumble. Those that are in the trenches day in and day out find themselves numb to the pain and suffering around them. Compassion fatigue plagues the people who have made it their life mission to serve God in the darkest corners of the world.

This month, Child Protective Services reached out to us regarding two girls with special needs who have been raped and abandoned by relatives and who are needing full time housing. We’ve been told about a government facility in the city that has a 17:1 ratio of children to caretakers. And in the mix of around 300, there are 30 children with profound special needs that need permanent homes. This month, our list of families desperate to have their children enrolled in school continued to grow. These are families that have no other options for education for their children. In the last week, both of our buses and our primary orphanage vehicle broke down. Staff burnout rate is high, which is common in this line of work. And our inability to pay staff competitive wages is leading to high turnover rates.

The need is overwhelming. So why do this? Can anything really change? I believe there is hope. But we need to see a transformation in attitudes and lifestyles in order for hope to manifest as change. It requires people to sacrifice some daily pleasures in order to give an extra few dollars a month. It requires people to sacrifice precious vacation time in order to serve and partner with ministries locally and internationally. It requires people to sacrifice time each day to pray for those who are disadvantaged and destitute.

I’m asking you to consider how you can be part of this change. I’m asking you to make the financial, time and prayer sacrifice on behalf of Eternal Anchor and the people we serve and desire to serve. Please think about whether you have more to give. We covet your help and prayers.

Austin Robinson
Executive Director

“Hope is an anchor for the soul”
Hebrews 6:19

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