With seven children and two adults in our home, we've been struggling to fit everyone in a single vehicle for outings. Fortunately, we came up with the perfect solution: a camper! We now have a vehicle that fits everyone and also serves as a mobile entertainment headquarters. We've been having a blast taking the kids to different beaches. And with plenty of storage space, we make sure there are plenty of activities, games, and toys to keep everyone happy.

We celebrated the birthdays of two very special boys. Raul turned 5 and Mirrain turned 11. We thank God for another year with these precious children.

Julia is the newest addition to the family. While our current home only receives boys, we made an exception to help Child Protective Services with a challenging case. We're so proud of our boys and how they've welcomed Julia into the home. We're not sure how long she'll be living with us, but we are happy to provide her a safe, loving home for her as long as we're able.

  • Please join us in prayer for volunteers to come and join us full-time. We currently need education assistants for our special education school, caregivers for our residential program, and bus drivers for our education programs. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering (short- or long-term), please email us!
  • Please pray for funding for our school build. We are raising money for a building that will give us the capacity to double in size and offer quality specialized education to even more children (to donate to the school build, click HERE).
  • Please pray for new houseparents for our residential program. We are looking for a couple to take over one of the homes and offer loving, full-time care to six children.

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