Two weeks ago, we met with our parents and shared our dream to build a special education school that will allow us to double our capacity. Their response was amazing! The PTA immediately coordinated parent volunteers to host local fundraising events, procure food and monetary donations from local businesses, and even put together baskets of local-made crafts for our upcoming auction. What better advocates than the parents of our students who have seen how transformative our program has been for our community and for their children.

Last week, Angel and Austin were invited to share about Eternal Anchor at a Rotary Club in Ensenada (a few hours north of our base). It was so great to have the opportunity to share about our community's needs with local business owners and professionals who care about partnering with us to offer holistic disability services in our state.

Our second home is really coming together! We are only months away from moving in. That means we'll be needing a new set of houseparents for the 6 newest children coming. We are so blessed to have a $10,000 matching grant to raise support for these new salaries. If you'd like to contribute to help us reach our goal of 10K, click on the donation button in the top right corner of our website and write "10K Grant" in the notes box.

  • Please pray for funding for our school build. We are raising money for a building that will give us the capacity to almost double in size and offer quality specialized education to even more children.
  • Please pray for new houseparents for our residential program. We are looking for a couple to take over one of the homes and offer loving, full-time¬†care to six children.
  • This school year, we've taken 13 new students into our program. Please pray for a speedy transition as they get used to a new routine and new friends.

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