Bigger Building, More Kids

We are so grateful for our friends, Steve and Stella Frankinburger, who have been helping us at our daycare. They are such a delight to work with and the children love them!

In order to take on more children, we have moved our daycare to Zapata. We have been lent a beautiful community center where we can continue to give therapy and life skills classes to the children. Thank you, Centro Familiar!

This week we were blessed by a large donation of strawberries from our friends at New Beginnings Women’s Association.

  • Please pray that we find the right piece of land to begin building our home. We are planning on building a facility that will provide a loving home for 35 children with special needs
  • Pray for a van or bus with a lift to be able to pick up the children for daycare. A used passenger bus can cost between $7000 and $10,000. Please pray for the funds to purchase one or for someone to donate one.
  • Next week, our daycare will have spring break. Please pray for safety and protection for the children during this time as well as rest for the staff.

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