Back to School

We are back to school after a few weeks of much-needed rest! It’s so great to see all of the smiling faces again and we’re excited to see what the new school year brings!

We’ve updated our website and we’ve included new sponsorship opportunities. By sponsoring children and adults from our different programs, you can help fund our life-changing programs.

When Eternal Anchor started almost three years ago, we had one child, a borrowed home and almost no support. It is amazing what God has done in such a short amount of time. Take a minute to watch this video and see all the lives that are being touched through this incredible ministry.

  • With the new school year comes new children. Please pray for staff and students as everyone adjusts to the routine again.
  • Deborah and Austin have been and will continue to be traveling to the United States and Canada this Fall. Please keep them in your prayers as they share about Eternal Anchor.
  • Please pray for more monthly income. We have the capacity to receive more children into our school but we need more consistent donations coming in to be able to hire more teachers.

Other news