From 4 to 43

God has blessed Eternal Anchor with amazing staff members. We are so thankful for each of their gifts and their desire to serve God by serving the precious children that we work with.

Our last day of the school year was a blast! There was dancing, games, and lots of tacos provided by the family of one of our students. In a year and a half, God has grown the community center from 4 children to 43 children! Our parties have definitely gotten a lot bigger!

Our outreach program to adults with special needs continues to grow. We are so happy to announce that Roberta has taken over as the director of the program. She is doing a marvelous job and we are abundantly grateful for her.

  • Please pray for Austin and Deborah as they present Eternal Anchor to churches in Washington, Montana, and Indiana this month.
  • As we reach more isolated communities, we are praying for regular monthly contributions to hire more teachers and pay for gasoline to pick up more children to come to our school. For many of the children, the alternative is sitting in bed all day.
  • Today, five staff members were in a car accident. Although the car was seriously damaged, we are thankful that there were no life-threatening injuries. Please pray that bones and muscles heal quickly. We also ask for prayer for a vehicle to replace the one that was wrecked.

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